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Do you throw coins into ponds for good luck?

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Something refreshing

by ChristinaBug2890

Im not sure how common this is in other places but in this area I'v seen alot of ornamental fish ponds filled with coins...people like to throw them in for good luck. Seriously bad for the fish but it still goes on. Anyway today while I was out I came across an indoor goldfish pond with a nice little sign on it that read "Please do not throw coins into the pond, they make the fish very sick! - Thankyou" And not one coin in the water. :D Some parents with young children were even teaching their kids what the sign said. Yay for awareness!

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by Snowboss4492

not so much ponds around here but you can't posably walk past a fountain without "makin a wish" theres a big fountain in the park up in Hudson that they have to clean out pretty regularly bcause of the coin build up.....and their affrai somebody will climb over the fence into it and drown or

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by Zambize4899

Yikes, I guess I have. Since I started keeping fish I don't think I would, as I know better than to put anything foreign into a tank now. It wouldn't have occurred to me before.


Something refreshing

3 posts

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