NorthWest Atlantic Speed Cylce

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NorthWest Atlantic Speed Cylce

by singapore

im looking into bying some live sand off ebay. the sand comes with free coral food, coraline algea seeded into the sand, and it also comes with NorthWest Atlantic Speed Cylce. now, ive never heard of this anywhere, and it claims to be able to cycle your tank in 48 hours. either this stuff is a miracle...or its purely a hoax. any opinions?

here is the description: -------------------------------



30 lbs of Ultra Premium Live Sand

***Now with Pink and Purple Coralline Algae***

We will include with all orders some of our very own Coralline Algae harvested from our facility. Our coralline algae is blossoming and we have to give it away. When we harvest your sand from our facility we will seed your sand with this precious and beautiful pink and purple algae. The only way to grow coralline algae is to seed your tank, this could cost you big $$$, with our live sand, in time, you will have a flourishing aquarium full of this absolutely coveted algae.



Our NorthWest Atlantic Reef Starter Kit includes all your necessary trace elements for new and existing marine aquariums. It is scientifically formulated to be used with live sand introductions. Instructions are included


The NorthWest Atlantic Coral Cuisine is nutritionally balanced for corals, anemones, feather dusters, sponges and many other filter feeders. Our formulated coral food is rich in vitamins and natural minerals. Instructions are included.

3)FREE NW ATLANTIC SPEED CYCLE - Cycle your tank in 48 hours!!!

The NorthWest Atlantic Speed Cylce is our premium blend of our controlled group of bacteria and enzymes that have the highest ability to transform toxins. The reduction of ammonia and nitrite is dramatic insomuch that they are practically gone. Instructions also included.

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by fihsboy

umm.......cycles take AT LEAST 2 weeks. The secret to reef keeping is to be patient. Soo the longer you can wait the better. Always wait for it to be stable, those nitrogen spikes are bad news. I had my tank up for 3 months before i even got a fish. I looked at water and live rock for three months. I fed the water every day to keep the cycle going and the live rock was uncured, helping with the process...........but certainly not the smell. Uncured live rock=bad idea in living room. Pick up some live sand at a fish store......its going to run you about 40 bucks or so but will be well worth it, and get some live rock too.....that will do the most for you. and a big bottle of CYCLE, that stuff is great.

NorthWest Atlantic Speed Cylce

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