Am I all Good?

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Am I all Good?

by EDUB1152

I know I talk alot but I wanna make sure i'm doing everything right!!

So I have a 29 gallon aquarium. All together I have 2 power filters, 1 canister filter,1 power head (going to upgrade to a SCWD) about 1 inch of carib reef sand (not alive)
t-5 light fixture (36w), and a 100w heater!

Going to be getting about $100-$150 of live the next 5 weeks!!
And going to get a protein skimmer....

AM I ALL GOOD? or do i need something??


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by schigara

Sounds good.. I'm not a big fan of power filters especially since you will have live rock, sand and a skimmer. I'd use the canister to run carbon or GFO. The rock and sand, once seeded by the live rock is all the biological filter needed.

Maybe an ro/di unit and some test kits. Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate to start and then Calcium, Alk and Magnesium test kits. Also, a cheap refractometer for measuring salinity. The swingarm hydrometers can be very inaccurate.

Am I all Good?

2 posts

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