Good Live rock??

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Good Live rock??

by EDUB1152

Hey, I had another question! The petco by my house is selling chunks of Filji live rock (about 6-9inches) It looks really good. Says its fully cured and is $9.99 per chunk. Should it get it or should i look around more??


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by angus4481

truthfully, you should go to a few different stores and get prices.

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by Snowboss4492

and online - - - -it can get down to 2-3 bucks a lb depending on what kind you want

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by fihsboy

I got a good majority of mine from petco, fiji live rock, and it had amazing coloration on it for the price. My local petco said if anything came out of the water on the rock it was mine, so i scored a sally lightfoot, a christmas tree worm and a feather duster. I guess it depends on your petco or lfs. Also got a piece of acropora on one rock......just depends, sometimes you can really get lucky.

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by rick1221

i have like 15lbs of the petco live rock and it s really nice, cheap and look beautiful in my tank so if you have the change to get it, do it, ohhh and one time, i wanted a anemone and it was stuck in the rock so the guy gave me the rock for have price

Good Live rock??

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