question about purple up

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question about purple up

by Deltasigpony3648

I got a bottle of this stuff for free and i was wondering how good does it work and how long will it take to start to show the increased coralline algae growth? Plus is there any dangers in using this product

Pony out!

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by somalia123

i have herd it works well but watch your calcium levels

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by schigara

It does work but is not needed or useful if you already maintain good calcium and alkalinity levels via water changes, kalkwasser, ca reactor or 2 part buffer system.

Never heard of any dangers of using.

If you have live rock with coralline, the fastest way to get it to start spreading is....

1. Maintain calcium above 400ppm, Alk 7-11dkh and Magnesium ~1300
2. Direct a powerhead at a rock with coralline so it can blow the spores of the coralline
3. Scrape the coralline on a rock with a stiff brush.
4. Get coralline scrapings from a different tank.

question about purple up

3 posts

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