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pic question

by miami754

Hey everyone - sorry to have not posted much recently. I've been on vacation. Anyways, I am trying to put a new pic of my tank up to get voted on (my fish are bigger now and it looks better). However, I don't want to jack up my current picture because it is rated at #5. I imagine to get my new pic as my main tank picture, I just upload it as an additional pic and then click on the link below it that says "make this my main picture". However, does that eliminate all the votes for my other picture (i.e. will I have to start all over at zero votes). I thought I would ask since I have seen some of you change your main tank pic that is voted on. Thanks for the help.

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by Zambize4899

I did that with my fish picture that was rated #4 out of 3000 or so. I changed my main image to a pic of my tank and my fish picture stats remained the same. I think it should be ok but I'd get confirmation from others.


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by spongebob4460

I also agree with zambize... plus theory would have it that if your current pic is at #5 and your new tank picture is better than your current, then you can only get a higher rating :) Then again, that's why they call it theory. Can't wait to see the new pic!!!!

pic question

3 posts

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