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by darkruby


I have seen alot of diferent types of substrates used in Freshwater aquariums and now I am confused about what type I should get and what to mix it with. I am kinda bent on getting natural pea gravel with sometype of fertilizer for my future plants. Is this any good at all? I am wondering what type of fertilizers I can use with the substrate without having to cahnge my Pea gravel... HELP

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by thisfish884485

I use root tabs (little tablets that go in the gravel) and some liquid fertilzers to add trace elements

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by Tmercier834747

Just a thought, as per PK's advice I'm going with something called Black Flourite in my new 30 gallon. It supplies a gradual LONG release of many trace elements plants require, one of the biggest being iron.

They now make it in black which is crazy to me. I'm actually trying to get some today, even if I have to drive over 50 miles.

I'm using the regular ''Black Flourite'' base of about 1.5 -2" and the newest product, Black Flourite sand (which my suspicion is is simply crushed flourite) for a 'topsoil'. Probly about 2-3" of that.

It's spendy stuff but you'll find you'll need much less supplemental crap when using a substrate actually meant for plants. I've had great success with the ugly old brown version in my other tanks. Thank god they came up with something that actually looks good as it functions. :)


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