i want more!

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i want more!

by pedenbabies

i ordered an eclipse satwater aq kit-12 gal-i have some live rock,live sand, 1 clown, 1 crab, 1 snail. i really wanted to buy a pair of clowns, but the pet store guy said the tank was too small. is that true-what else would be ok to add? we are setting up a 75 gal next week, so i can always move something to the larger tank if needed. how many snails, crabs, etc? what are my lights strong enough to grow? one more question-after i added live rock to my sand there were little 'bugs' in the tank what r they? i dont think the pet store guy knows alot and i need some simple answers.

every1 has beautiful tanks-i am so excited about our big tank!

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by saltwaterpimp

bugs are good the more the better . in my opinion you should have added the rock before the sand .if the rock was not cured properly it could spike amonia,nitrat levels ect. you need to check your water before adding anything.
i think the fish would be ok for a couple weeks till you set up the 75. what kind of tank do you plan on setting up reef or fish ? to many snails and crabs may disturbe corals. what kind of lights are you puting on your 75?

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by stavy

i agree too many crabs and hermits disturb coral reefs, and for now your doing good with the one clown. but never speak to a pet store guy, they don't specialize on fish so it might be dangerous to take his/her advice find a fish store in your area. and in my opinion depending on your time and money i don;t think you should start with a reef tank, start with a fowlr tank first. =]

i want more!

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