algae and plant eaters

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algae and plant eaters

by steelies_ftw6370

im going to try and make my 15 gallon tank more of a plants with a few fish, where theres and abundance of life look.... now ive been lookin into getting some fish or shrimp to help me keep everything trimmed and clean, a pleco would get to big for my tank, i hear shrimp multiply fast, and chinese algae eater can be mean to smaller fish then it, i really only have like 12 or 13 gallons to play with and a 30 gallon power filter so i will be more then able to keep up with it, water changes are quick with a small tank and i test the water every other day and i see the tank 3 times a day, thanks for any suggestions sorry for the ranting post

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by a1k8t31524

otos are good mut u haver to make sure you have a nice amount of alge so that they can constantly graze, or suppliment their diet with alge wafers, or squish spinach or sumthing like that, red cherry and amano shrimp are awsome, and honestly if they mutilpy to fast you can always sell them back to the LFS for store credit or something you wont get much for them but sumthin is better than nothing,

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by steelies_Ftw

yea problem is i dont have a good LFS, oklahoma city isnt too known for freshwater tropical planted, everyone that is a good dealer out here is saltwater

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by ThisFish884484

My LFS will order stuff for me

algae and plant eaters

4 posts

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