Need advice on making beautiful planted tanks.

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Need advice on making beautiful planted tanks.

by thief

Hey all,

found this site a week ago and just joined today.
I currently have 4 tanks 55 gal, 20L gal, and 2-10 gallons. I've been in the hobby for about 2 years now. But I've been more serious about the hobby this year and want to redo all my tanks to make in looks nice. I'm going to be getting 6 more 20 or 30 gallon tanks in my room. I want 2 of the tanks to be very well and nicely landscaped and highly planted tanks. I really want to get into natural planted tanks. I need tips, ideas, and suggestions on how to make and maintain one. Also do any of you know of a site which can help me on my quest to make such a tank? Ive been reading about it a little but I would like to know about CO2 systems, landscaping, and such the most.

Thanks in advance. : )

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by celticwraith

This link is to one of the best sites on aquarium plants that I have found, I have used it a lot for information.

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by Peterkarig3210

You have 4 tanks and are getting 6 more!!!???? I have 5 tanks and I thought I was weird! I want to set up a long tank with a stream for terrestrial and aquatic plant and animal species (ferns, moss, salamanders, turtles, frogs); a tall, brackish, mangrove tank for archer fish complete with a hidden maggot dish to create flies for the archers (it'll have a screened cover!); and another long tank with a beach at one end for fiddler crabs (they dig holes on the beaches of their natural environment) complete with small waves created with the periodic dumping of water by a filter that has that feature built in. I've never used CO2 and like you want to learn more about it so I can use that too, but the $ is an issue right now. In terms of planted tanks, I've mostly had lower light demanding planted tanks which are easy to manage and look great. When you start adding extra light, CO2, and fertilizer a lot more attention is needed to keep the chemistry balanced and to avoid exessive algae growth, but from what I've seen, if you do it right you can have amazing results. I'm curious as to what the differences between your tanks are and what specificly you have in mind. I would immagine that you're creating different environments with different fish in each tank?

Need advice on making beautiful planted tanks.

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