please help with lighting...again

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please help with lighting...again

by barzilai

hello my fellow fish tank lovers,

i have a 75 gl fish tank. it is 3 feet deep. i have done lots of reading, and even posted a question here about lighting
and got a vague answer. so those of you who are not true experienced marine aqua lovers please dont answer. I JUST NEED TO KNOW WHICH LIGHTING SYSTEM TO GET? I KNOW MY TANK IS DEEP. I WANT TO PUT SOME CORALS AND SOME ANEMONE. BUT MY PRIMARY CONCERN IS THOSE COOL LITTLE CRITERS , WHICH LIGHTING DO I NEED TO SUPPORT THE MOST LIFE.WHAT IS THE HEALTHIEST LIGHT. I WANT ALL THOSE WIRED THINGS GROWING!!! so please help a fellow aquarist...... thanks in advance..

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by funnelpond

Sounds like you wann go all the way with corals and such,So i would say go with a lighting system that includes metal halide.

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by tangerine

yup,go for metal halides and i shud add nothing less than 250W bulbs,preferably 400W.

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by damx

What do you mean by " little critters"? If you mean copepods...these critters don't need lighting...their everybody else's food...i'd be more concerned about the corals and the anemones(except glass/aiptasia)...
Again what type of corals...?
With little much info...I'll give the default answer like most Metal Halides...
I've tried these guys (URL below) for my 30G Cube...not bad for the price...$159.00 for a 380W...not sure about the light spectrum though...again depends on what you want to keep.

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by roach

Coralife makes a great setup for corals. I use it on my reef. They have the mh with pc and night lights. If money ain't a problem go with solaris lights.

please help with lighting...again

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