goldfish bowl & cloudy water

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goldfish bowl & cloudy water

by kenzie

hi, i am a newbie to the fish world.
i brought a bowl and some goldfish, in the bowl i have some gravel at the bottom and an artifical plant, i have two goldfish, and my water goes cloudy after one day, im not sure what to do, i cant really use a filter as i want my tank on the table so i dont want wires n stuff hanging out of it.
i have added oxygenising tablets to the water, and also an "alge free" filter which looks like a tea bag but said on the packet you can use witout a pump, but my tank goes cloudy after a day, i was wondering if you could give me some advice to help keep it clear, thanks


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by celticwraith

fist of all a gold fish bowl is not really a good place for gold fish or most other fish. A single beta might be OK.
You have to change at least 20% of the water or more everyday and use a water conditioner. The best thing you could do is read up on starting an aquarium properly and buy a real fish tank.

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by Deuce15663241

Just try water changes and condition, Your fish are gunna get big fast and so just be weary about it,

Btw I started out with a goldfish bowls and they are real fishtanks so just make sure to maintain it.

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by gumbii

any real goldfish enthusiast like myself would tell you that goldfish bowls are horrible... i believe they were banned in some parts of europe, if not all of it... rule of thumb for fancy goldfish is 20 gallons per goldfish, 10 gallons each aditional goldfish... check out if you get the chance...

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by celticwraith

A gold fish BOWL is not a fish TANK. Lots of people don't keep fish bowls long due to the maintenance needed to keep it healthy.

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by evelynmarch26

ahem, well, i usually don't respond to Q's like this very nicely, but i will try my best

anyway a goldfish DOES NOT BELONG IN A BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A minumum just for starters for 1 single goldfish is at LEAST a 10 gallon tank with filter
For 2, you need at LEAST a 20 gallon tank
here is an article for you to read up on ... dfish.html

Please do your fish as well as yourself a very big favor and get a TANK for them and not just a darn bowl

NO FISH, i repeat NO FISH is suppose to live in a bowl where there is no oxygen for them to get
If you want to keep something in there, you should get yourself these little glassfish, no maintenance required at all

Even a betta needs at least a 2.5 gallon tank with filter and heater (if you can't keep the temperature night and day at the same temperature around 78-82 degrees)

hope that helps
good luck


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by OscarFan18

Get alleast a 10 gallon. Goldfish a messy fish and they get kinda big. 1 goldfish in aleast a 5 gallon( 10 would be better) They need circulation in their water because of the ammonia they give off.which is what is making your water cloudy. That won't go away until they are in a well filtrated tank.

goldfish bowl & cloudy water

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