Ok here we go again, Im sorry people

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Ok here we go again, Im sorry people

by xtremexteriors

now my main tank picture has been declined saying it does not meet the guidelines. The same pic has been approved 2x in the additional tank pics but isnt being approved as my main tank photo. I am also having an issue with a couple of my fish pics. can someone please tell me what the guidelines are. Or can a moderator contact me. I never had ANY problems posting my 55 or any of my other fish pics until now. everything meets the picture size and dimension criteria so I have no idea what is going on. HHHHHHHHHHHELP

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by spongebob4460

the guidelines are on your profile page where you upload the pics... if its right on the border, I would make them a bit smaller.

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by XtremeXteriors884

some of them were close but not that close I have one of the mods looking at them now. They said they were able to upload the pics so hopefully they can see what the problem is.

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by Peterkarig3210

javahava is the administrator. PM him and you may get somwhere with this.

Ok here we go again, Im sorry people

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