help with lighting

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help with lighting

by barzilai

hello, well im back after 7 years, and i am very excited. i need help with updating my lighting. i have a 75 gl hexagon acrylic tank. it is 3 feet deep. what kind of lighting would you guys recommend? please help for i am at a stand still. thank you. pls respond to

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by Deltasigpony3648

Depending on how much you are will to spend the best ides is Metal Halide(MH) or PC compact

- MH is expensive and runs really hot but it will penetrate to the bottom of the tank (you will need a chiller)

- PC compact is less expensive but i dont think the light is that good after 18 inches

basically what you want in between 4-6 watts per gallon but i prefer and so does my saltwater guy 5 to 7 wpg

figure out wpg by dividing the wattage of your lamp by how many gallons you have so the recommended wattage would be around 375 but i recommend around 450

the strong wpg is really just for soft corals so if your doing fish only it really dosnt matter but the light does make everything in you tank look cooler

help with lighting

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