Cleaning live rock for saltwater tank

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Cleaning live rock for saltwater tank

by zoepaige07

I just got a 55 gallon tank, it was recently used it has all the live rock in it and i need to know how to clean it, i think someone said something about soaking it in bleach then setting it out side for 2-3 days but i thought that would kill all of the bacteria on them. I don't have any fish in it like i said i just got it! Please someone help thanks!

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Re: Cleaning live rock for saltwater tank

by gotnohaylo

dont know about bleach bud i would set it up and have it runing with water and everything. check it out with test after a week and change water as needed if any one has better ideas please post ..........i got my rocks from tha ocean and thats what i did and the water was bad for about a month now its great with my aggresive fish in it not the reef that u see pics on .........hope it works out for u and if u know any thing about growing corleen please post on my form

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by ci11337

Is it a reef or FO tank? If you want the rock to stay live don't clean it at all. Bleach would turn the rocks white and kill everything. Even tap water would kill the bacteria.

Cleaning live rock for saltwater tank

3 posts

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