what fishes to get in my 20 gallon long

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what fishes to get in my 20 gallon long

by mouakid

i've been in this hobby for about a year.. i know quit a few things about fishes.. how much, what kinds, etc. i'm just wondering on any one's opinion on what kind of fish to get.. i had many small tropical fishes..but those don't fasicnate me. so i gave them away.and i had a green terror 5 in. but it pass away. just curios on what to get..

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by Paulnaty812969

hey mate . I think either americans or africans are a good fish to have but some times its good to try something totally different like an australian fish like bas,perch even some fresh cat fish , crey fish. or like my self i'm growing an american texas up at the moment which is coming along nicely .

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by Mike0372983

I think sice your tank isn't so big that you should either get some community fish like Tetras, Gouramis, Swordtails, Mollies, Platies and some others are good to keep for you. That can also all depend on if you are a begginer. I myself have went from
Goldfish -----> Commuity -----> African Cichlids (soon) and I am hoping to maybe go to a reef aquarium. Just remember the higher on this list
(goldfish---> community ---> cichlids ---> saltwater ---> reef) you go the more work and time you will have to put into your tank.

Hope this helps - Michael

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by starbetta

Hello. Don't start a salt-water. It's a Pain. Have you thought about a small group of Gouramis or even better Angel's.

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by evelynmarch26

If you want cichlids for your tank
Go for the apistos, there are very nice fish out there and you can have plants with them as well
you could keep up to 3 species in your tank size since they stay really small and are also non agressive

hope that helps

what fishes to get in my 20 gallon long

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