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by Poetic_irony3872

Ok this i know doesn't make sense from a stand point of someone who has kept fish for a very long time and is no novice, but i have this one white fruit tetra that I have had for almost two years now, the darn thing developed dropsy a month after i had him, i separated him into his own little ten gallon and treated him for this, never came about, this one little fish has dumbfounded all my friends who are quite knowledgeable as well as a few fish biologists that have spoken with, this fish has had dropsy for almost the entire two years, and hatchets around the tank like a crowd at a braves game, it doesn't seem to have effected his eating, or ability to school with the others, he just has a deffect, no one can explain why this fish is still alive, and i am not going to do anything to change that fact as the fish doesn't appear to be sufferring greatly, his tail end just doesn't stay up with the rest of him, and he can be quite agressive with the other tetra in his school, it's the darndest thing. i just thought i would share, "just when ya think you can be counted out, never give up cause even a little fish with a dissability can prove his metal amongst men!"

Looking forward to hearing from ya,

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by Tmercier834747

That's pretty amazing. As I understand dropsy is one of the more gloom and doom conditions a fish can develop, but I wasn't aware tetras could even aquire this. I'll take your word for it though. :) As I've yet to break the year mark in fishkeeping, I've encountered one case on a tequila sunrise guppy who had no response to treatment and died within a week. Pretty nasty little infection.

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by gumbii

yeah... i've had a couple of goldfish with dropsy, and i've beaten it a couple of times... the one disease that i hate is bloat... i've lost colonies of tropheus moorii before... i've only saved a hand full of tropheus... there isn't a for sure way to save them, and they usually die in three days after the symptoms...


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