good for 40 gallons ?

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good for 40 gallons ?

by bltailor

New to the hobby. I am fisheless cycking a 40 gallon tank. (30x12 and 24 deep)

Would this be a good combination of fish. I know not to introduce all at the same time

6 Zebra Danio
6 Tetras
1 Angelfish
2 Clown Loaches


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Re: good for 40 gallons ?

by ci11337

I would say so...

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Re: good for 40 gallons ?

by Brikemond2250

Yes. That would be great for you to go with.

Also, introduce them 3 at a time in your tank. Less stress.

If you want some fun put a couple mollies in there too. They are like little kids in a jungle gym....hahahahaha...really fun to watch.


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Re: good for 40 gallons ?

by Mike0372983

I would say the ammount of fish that you are putting in the tank is fine, but mixing angel fish and tetras might not be such a good idea. Anglefish tend to be aggresive and might kill the tetras. Maybe it worked out for you?

good for 40 gallons ?

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