Unknown Cichlid? HELP!!

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Unknown Cichlid? HELP!!

by mehobden

There is this one yelllow cichlid that i have and i have no idea what kind it is, it kinda looks like a yellow lab but it isnt. it is the one in my profile picture. if u could help me find out its name that would be great! thanks

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by Peterkarig3210

Miami, Gumbii, and Poetic Irony know a lot about cichlids. I have what looks like a cichlid of some sort I found in a bunch of feeder goldfish. I separated it and it's growing and I'll ID it at some point. It was a lot smarter than the goldfish and I wouldn't have recognised it being different had it not evaded my net for a while. I know I wasn't much help. Good Luck Anyway!

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by wilko

Tough one. Looks like a cross breed between a Bumblebee cichlid (scientific name - Metriaclima Crabro) and a Red Top Zebra. (scientific name - Metriaclima pyrsonotos) Both african cichlids from lake Malawi. It favours colours closer to the Crabro though.

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by Poetic_Irony2267

wilko that is exactly what i was thinking, it looks like a bumble bee cichlid, it does look like it could be crossed with a number of other species, i have seen some wierd variety in the passed, the bumblebee is the base for it, with the whitish colored markings on it though it becomes unclear what it could be, red top is a good guess especially with the blueish color on the chin, it will be interesting to see what it grows up to be. if it is indeed bumblebee cross i have a feeling it's going to be a super aggressive fish, and of some size as i have seen bumblebee's grow up to and over 8 inches....

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by miami754

Yeah, I was thinking some bumblebee hybrid. Good luck with that guy as poetic said. Bumblebees are nasty and yours could be even worse depending on what it is mixed with. That is one of the reasons I stay away from mixed ones - you never know how they are going to behave. Keep us updated as it grows and post some new pics of it when it is bigger as well. You might also try posting this pic over at www.cichlids.com. They have some people over there that are very good at picking out the species used in hybrids.

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by mehobden

thanks for the help guys and i willl post it at cichlids.com

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by gumbii

nope... not a bumble bee... or kenyi...

that's a yellow lab mixed with either a p. demasoni, johani, sp "hongi" or maybe a um... i forgot what it's called, but it's also a labidochromis family fish...

i hate seeing hybrids... but some are really pretty... also... they might be infertile... so if he tries to breed and nothing comes out it's gonna be him...

Unknown Cichlid? HELP!!

7 posts

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