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Largest size tank you'd go up to?

by neonlights999

I was considering large sized tanks, just as a thought for the future. I'm honestly not sure what size tank I would be able to have, not just for space reasons but as the ability to keep and maintain. Cost is a factor too. I'm thinking 120gal would be my limit - it's plenty large enough for the type of fish I want to have. How about you?

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Re: Largest size tank you'd go up to?

by saratang

For freshwater? Probably 150, maybe 200. I'd love to have some large cichlids and catfish :)

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Re: Largest size tank you'd go up to?

by a201

My display tank is a 120 long. Although only 5 ft. I like the deeper, boxy shape much better than the 6 ft. 125. It's a great size for African cichlids or mid sized New Worlds. The 120 is big enough for impressive reef or jungle stream aquascapes, but small enough for easy maintenence.
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