Missing Fish

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Missing Fish

by HeidiG

I'm missing one of my white hifin tetras. It was there yesterday and missing today. The kids and I checked under everything and in the filter. Could it possibly die and get eaten with no evidence left?

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by natalie265

It can be amazingly difficult to find a dead fish. Mine usually float to the top (half eaten, of course) a few days after they went missing.

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by dream2reef

No trust me goldies love dead fish. They won't eat any live guppy babies or any other fish you put with em but as soon as they are dead...gone without a trace. I never even clean out any dead fish in that tank anymore they are gone in no time. jus sayin. After all they are of the carp family.

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by yasherkoach

either it will be eaten or it will float to the top

just watch the chemical levels more closely; your ammonia may rise for the dead fish will cause this...if the ammonia does not rise, then consider the dead fish was eaten and not rotting in the tank

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Re: Missing Fish

by marcusrose123

i know how that feels i bought 2 black ghost knife fish, and one of them is brilliant swims everywhere looks lovely and healthy, however the other one i havent seen since i put them in about 2months ago :/

Missing Fish

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