How many fish are enough?

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How many fish are enough?

by boylestd

Okay so heres the deal. I have 1 Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, 1 Green Spotted Puffer, 4 Tiger barbs, a Dwarf Gourami (who is ironically the boss of the tank), and a Pleco. My tank is 55 gallons and my fish are doing great. The puffer shows no signs of agression, nor does my jack. I want another jack or two and maybe another fish as well. I here everywhere online that jacks require some 30 odd gallons each as does the puffer. Is this true? If so then why do I see all these pics on here with such crowded tanks? I also plan on moving the gourami very soon before it gets owned when the jack gets bigger. The puffer will be gone at the first sign of aggression. Thanks!

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by Squeaker2009

The rule of thumb I have gone by is no more than one inch of fish per gallon of water (ie: 4 inch long fish requires 4 gallon tank or larger.).

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by tekneb

The rule Squeaker speaks of is accurate a fair amount of the time, but their are some exceptions. Some fish, such as your Puffer, have a lot of girth to them in addition to their length, and therefore need more space. Some fish, such as your Jack, simply get to big to follow that rule (adult size for a Jack is 10 inches, would you honestly ever keep a 10 inch fish in a 10 gallon tank?). The final exception is that some fish, such as both your Jack and your Puffer, are highly territorial and therefore need more space simply to keep from bickering with each other. With your current stock, you could do quite well in a 55 if you divide up the tank into territories using plants and rocks and make a lot of caves for the Jack to claim. I wouldn't add anything else though.

Oh, and to answer your final question, the reason you see all these crowded tanks online is because a whole lot of people are dumb and don't follow the rule Squeaker mentioned earlier, or follow it but don't take into account the adult size of the fish :P

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by marcusrose123

this is going to sound so stupid but i have a 4ft tank, could anyone tell me how many gallons this would be? i know my fish are fine and happy in there but it would be useful info for the future???

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by natalie265

marcus, you should start a new thread for this question. Click on freshwater forum then click "post new topic". It's not a stupid question at all, but you will get better feedback by starting a new thread.

How many fish are enough?

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