How often do you do water changes?

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How often do you do water changes?

by natalie265

Just curious how often people are doing water changes and how much water is being removed. I change about 30-40% of my planted tank weekly. My other tanks i do 40-50% every other week.

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by AbadHabit

I change about 30-40% every 10 days or so. My aquarium is fully planted. Most the time I can smell the water(starts having that new dirt smell), and change it. And then the nitrates are just at 40ppm. My tank is a 55 and overstocked a little, but I keep up with it and my fish are happy. But I believe in water changes. Plus I have very hard water, so took some trial by error on what plants would thrive. Now I'm selling plants out of my aquarium to people that want nice healthy plants.
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by Alasse

Fry tanks get changed every few days
Planted tanks get done monthly
Fish tanks when required

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by esparzar1

I change my fry tank every other day and my main tank every Sunday (20-30%) without fail

How often do you do water changes?

4 posts

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