saltwater fish

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saltwater fish

by joshsvbball

what is the biggest fish i could put in a 20 gallon?

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by Assanya

One of the colorful fish with a head tumor type? Sorry for the nameing I do not know their names .. the 12 school of fish like tetras or something. If you think that 20 gallons is a lot, then you're crazy. You're lucky if you put 15 fish in that there is nothing more than a tetra ...

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by pro68camaro

if your talking saltwater some clowns would be good. gobies, blennies, some wrasses, damsels. if you just wanted one mabye you could put some kind of dwarf angel fish. with a tank that size you really dont have that much options. if have a 15 gallon and I have a cinamon clown and a six line wrasse. thats even kinda pushing it if you follow the rule a 1/2 of inch of fishn at full grown length per gallon.

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by richie1m13441

3 inches

saltwater fish

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