Planning Big Tank (250+ Gallon) Help

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Planning Big Tank (250+ Gallon) Help

by mankup007

Hello Everyone Again,

I am planning to make one good big tank by my own. But I am confused a lot and cannot decide about the tank. So I thought, why not start one topic on this forum so that you guys can help me in everything. I want to make one big tank big enough for my fish and also I can keep a good number of fish in one tank. I now I know that there is many loss of keeping a small tank because (you know the reason) the fish don't get much water, space and other things like rocks and fake plants etc etc.

Since what I have think and decided to make a tank is as follow:-

Height :- 36 inch
Width :- 36 inch
Length :- 72 inch

I am making such kind of tank so that fish can get a little height to swim, width is because I also want to make some 3D background I saw in some sites and since it will cover about 10 inch of space or more that's why this should be big enough. And length is because currently I am having a vertical tank and I know that fish don't have much space to swim in that why in this tank they will get a lot more to swim. There is one more reason of such tank that is I want a tank of about 400 Gallon and I have calculated this tank it is 403.97 Gallon which will be good enough for any kind of fish to put in this tank.

Now at this time I am thinking that this tank will be very large and will cost much, so what I have edited is as follow

Height :- 30 inch
Width :- 30 inch
Length :- 60 inch

The main reason is that I am confused that I can make such big tank or not, money is not the problem at first but making such big tank is problem and I am afraid that if something goes wrong than it will be toooo bad for me and for fish (and everyone).

I want to put goldfish in this tank as because I am from India and here in my city we don't have much choice but I can get many types of goldfish here. Please advise if you know some other good fish which can live with goldfish.

I want to know everything about making a tank at home like tips and tricks and any other useful thing you guys can tell me. Mean to say that I want to make my this tank as it is made by professionals.

If I forgot something to mention than please let me know.

Thanks in advanced bye bye take care....

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by Alasse

Have you ever made a tank this size before?

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by doogle

sounds fun...i would go 60''-72''longx24''widex24''high...because it gets harder to realisticly get around in taller tanks but thats just me... get some koi goldfish if your going to make a big tank . koi goldfish are better viewed from the top anyway.

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by yasherkoach

just remember that on a 55 gallon tank the weight of the water alone is 600 pounds let alone putting everything else in it

on a 400 gallon tank weight of the water will be around 4,000 pounds and more depending on what you put in it

it's the weight of the water that you must be concerned about - if the bonding is not set right you may wind up as a fish yourself (((smiles)))

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by mankup007

Thanks Alasse, doogle and yasherkoach for replying me and helping me. Yes you all are right but this is what I am searching for , that means for some kind of help from the person who made there tanks or know something about how to make the tank.

Alasse :- Yes I have made one tank by my own. It is a vertical tank of 12 inch by 12 inch and 30 inch in a height.

Doogle:- Yes you are right because making the big tank can be a problem too and what you have told is right. I will see if I can support 72"long X 30"Wide X 30" high. That means if I can other wise I will go for what you have told me or little less.

Yasherkoack :- Yes that is right , that the weight will be too high because the glass itself weight a lot and when I fill it will water, gravel, decoration and fish then it will weight a lot more than I can think off.

But the main reason is that I want to know the tips and tricks of making a big tank from you guys. that means what to do to make a fool proof tank. I will first search a lot before making that. Because there is no place for blunder or mistakes. It will be for once and for all. The investment is quite high that's why I want to make it as good and as professional as I can so that it wont break or get crack from any where.

I want the answer from more of you guys, Please help me so that I can make my tank in a good and nice way.

Thanks in advanced bye bye take care.....

Planning Big Tank (250+ Gallon) Help

5 posts

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