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Need help

by Nick_Luv5141

hi I was wondering what would be so good fish with amount because i want to do it right.i really want a pair of dwarf gourami with maybe some bleeding tetras. keep in mind that this tank will only be for a year until i get in my new house and can get a 30 gallon.plz all info would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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by gumbii



the tank will do fine with a pair of gourami and a small school of bleeding heart tetras...

i still don't understand what the initial question is... sorry...

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by spongebob4460

do you have a tank currently or would you like us to suggest a good size tank for the fish you want to keep? I suggest getting the largest tank that will fit your area or that you can afford, which im guessing is no bigger than 30 if thats what you plan to upgrade to in a year. If price is a factor, get a used tank from classifieds or craiglist, but if space is the factor you can always get a larger tank thats tall rather than long.

Need help

3 posts

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