Large tank lighting

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Large tank lighting

by Jimjulie

Just wondering if anyone can help me with what light I should put on my 6ft x 2ft x 2ft tank. I currently have 2 x 3ft blue lights but I would like the tank to be brighter. Should I buy another 2 white lights aswell as the blue? I have some lovely Cichlids but under these lights they all look the same colour (mostly blue and grey). I have seen some awesome Cichlid tanks but I just can't seem to get the same look on my tank.

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by Alasse

Another 2 white will definately brighten the tank and bring them out some more

Looks great by the way

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by lilcrum98

i have never tryed it but if u get a black back ground they might come out better

Large tank lighting

3 posts

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