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by MayhemMonkey

I'm starting my 29 gallon tall fish tank & wanted to do different decor, fish, and what not. Basically stuff i've never tried before. I was thinking of getting two angels since they're gorgeous fish and i read that they prefer tall fish tanks. I didn't just want to get one and i didn't want to push the tanks capacity and get three since i'm alse getting other fish. So i was going to purchase two, but my question is if they happen to be two male angels would they end up fighting? I know the males are hard to tell apart from the females and if i happen to get two males which is highly possible, i didn't want the one to kill the other.

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by myklein2

It is tough to say if two males would get along. You can do all the research you want of fish temperaments, but you need to realize they are just a generalization of the species. It all comes down to the individual specimen. You might get two males that work together and you might get two that will fight. You just gotta try it out and see if it works.

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by tapout24

i have to angle fish and they get along great then i wanted to get one more so i did and they started attacking the other one. i think as long as they were in the same tank when u bought them they should be ok.

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by yasherkoach

angel fish do best in a tank with tall live plants, this way, they have a territorial area and will be less bothersome with the other fish...just a tip

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by Alasse

If two young angels and grow them up together you should be fine, wether they be 2 males/females or a male/female pairing. Its when you try to add them in things can go wrong (i have been very lucky with adding angels though, but this is not the norm so many have told me)

A well established angel, usually does take exception to ANY fish added to its tank, wether it be an angel or other. They usually settle in a few days though.

They are a cichlid and certainly have individual personalities


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