crocea clam and elegance coral

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crocea clam and elegance coral

by breaknrun911

i have read that crocea clams are hard to take care of but then i read that they are extremely easy. WHICH IS IT?
and the same goes for elegance corals. WHICH IS IT?
my tank specs is a 29gal nano with power compact lighting, all ppms check out. all proper additves to help corals thrive are also added.

alot is said that feather dusters dont do well and only live for 2wks ive had mine for 4mos.
i just dont want to spend $100 and these new additions dont thrive.

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by stingraysrule

Too bad someone complained about jdak to the moderators cause now he is gone and there is not anyone here to answer your question who visits here on a regular basis who deals with SW.

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by jdak

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by pnavarro170

clams are easy but require way more light than power compacts. and elegance corals are very hard to take care of i would shy away from that. why not some hammer coral frogspawn or torch coral ???

crocea clam and elegance coral

4 posts

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