which fish is your favourite fish in your tank? :P

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which fish is your favourite fish in your tank? :P

by j_bball_rox

I know its hard but honestly there has to be one maybe to if you have to haha :)

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by yasherkoach

well j bball rox, what is yours?

if I had to choose, I'd have to say the dwarf chain loaches

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by tekneb

My betta is my favorite, but of the ones in my main tank, id have to say the dwarf rainbows.

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by nicholas542

my favorite fish is my new Koi angel

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by christofrontosa

i absolutely love my multifasciatus! they have such neat behavior. moving sand all over the place. every day they have a new setup.

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by natalie265

My male bettas, Beau and Oscar

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by stingraysrule

OMG... I am not sure, but I am going to have to say..............
I LOVE MY RAY. LOL. Only fish I have named. Bobby.
He is a freakin crazy ass.
When I feed him, he pounces on all of the food, as so the other fish can't get any.
He used to just slide around in the tank and get it, but now he has made himself KING, and it is all his. ;)

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by snostorm

Hmm, I'd say my Shubunkin, Black Eyes, love his long fins

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by Kingys_dog

My paired yellow labs are funny as fcuk like a bikering old couple but has to be this guy

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by Alasse

I really dont have a fish favorite, i love em all!

which fish is your favourite fish in your tank? :P

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