Dolphins making bubbles!

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Dolphins making bubbles!

by Bigdog

Have you seen this? It's magical !!

Dolphin Bubbles!

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by stingraysrule

best thing I have seen today.
totally awesome.

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by gumbii

that video is pretty cool... but very old... like 5 years old...

btw, that dolphin died...

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by jdak702

Great video. Which dolphin is in the video? Their was a male dolphin who died named Sparky during a preformance. Their blog still says Ken Kesey and Flipper are still blowing bubbles.

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by yasherkoach

possibly this is the reason dolphins have no problem playing with balls, hoops etc because for thousands of years they've learned to adapt to the air bubbles in a natural way, playing with their own bubbles/rings

cool video

Dolphins making bubbles!

5 posts

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