Electronic Fish Feeder

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Electronic Fish Feeder

by rmcardle8032

Can anyone recommend an electronic fish feeder? I am traveling for two weeks this summer and need a daily feeding for my african cichlids. I feed flake foods.

Looking for a name brand and a place to order?


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by JasonJ514

top middle of any Rate My Fish Tank page says "buy supplies and fish". Click that and go to Foster and Smith Aquatics. They have a bunch of different choices. If you do go with an auto feeder, give yourself enough time to test it and make sure you will not be over-feeding your fish and spoiling your tank....

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by findingjohn

I would go to BigAls on line.com or that Petplace.com. They have the lowest prices and will meet or bet other places. I have order several thingas from thses people with no problems to report.

Electronic Fish Feeder

3 posts

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