all the fkn crying......

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all the fkn crying......

by LUVMUFF9326

as far as im concerned this is a badass site,ive learned alot,n there are some badass tanks to look at n some smart people here willing to help,n thats badass too, dont cry about leaving ,JUST LEAVE! dont post that your leaving ,JUST FUCKIN LEAVE

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by Peterkarig3210

He he he. He he he. he he he!!!

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by josmoloco

wahhhhhhhh :(.... I don't use this site much, but still like it allot......

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by gumbii

srsly... there aren't any bad ass tanks on this site... lol....

check out tank of the month at and those are real tanks...


that said... this site does blow now... no one takes it seriously, but pretty soon after all the OG's like us jam the newbs will become the next gen of RMFT forum peoples... but until then they're going to have to weed out the freshwaterpleco's and other asshats like luvmuff...

good luck newbs... and i hope you have patience...

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by fishchick

yeah all you hatters sooo like SHUT UP and go already..just cuz your tank SUCKS!!! hahaha

all the fkn crying......

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