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pic rating

by cyndrine

why would someone rate below pic at a 0 and not leave a message why?

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by joyce123

some people have no respect.. i belive that some people would do that to make there pic look better in the ratings.

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by yasherkoach

I'd give the fish pic a 5. It looks like a very beautiful fish (and I can well imagine it while swimming, very elegant).

Some people do not take the time to read your description and/or click on your picture to see the rest of the pictures and descriptions. Instead they just click 0 0 0 0 0 0 continuously without pause. Possibly there should be a computer mechanism that only permits so many zeros at a time within a certain amount of time a particular user is rating.

Unless the person just didn't like that type of fish....but all fish are beautiful in their own way...probably the person is just ignorant to this particular hobby.

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by Peterkarig3210

The rating sysyem here is weird. I agree that some people just click on zero to make their tanks rate higher.

I go through it once in a while just to see what's out there in planted tanks. I rarely if ever rate a zero, unless all the plants are dead or something dreadfull like that. The best tanks rate at 6 or thereabouts. I rate some at 9 and a few amazing ones at 10.

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by natalie265

I hate the rating system on here. Even the most stunning planted tanks barely ever get above a 6. The only reason my own tank is even above 4 is because i rated it as an 8 twice myself! LOL! I don't know if it's because people have different tastes or if people are just being douche bags. Yours is actually a nice shot. I haven't been able to get any decent photos of my own bettas.

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by cyndrine

took me a couple of hours of sitting by the tank with the camera to get this pic. lots of attempts came out with just his tail because he moved away before i managed to hit the button to take the pic.

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by jdak702

I agree with natalie... I know the fish pages don't get a lot of votes but whenever i upload my tank, about 10 votes in, it starts going towards five. I look at all the pics and everybody is between 4 and 6. Even the most ugly and the most beautiful. Voting isn't working IMO. I think their are a lot of old pictures in the way too.

pic rating

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