how do i move a 125 gallon saltwater tank to a new house?

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how do i move a 125 gallon saltwater tank to a new house?

by truhookup

I am moving to a new house next month. I have 2 trigger, 1 yellow tang, christmas wrasse and naso. What do i need to make this move go well without any death of my fish?

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by jdak702

I'd say get a bunch of those 5gal carpenter buckets and transfer each fish individually. Or you could bag them all and put them in a cooler. Most likely you will have to start fresh water unless you want to carry all that water. Do you have sand? If so, add new water with some extra water if you save any and let the sandstorm disappear before adding the fish. Good luck.... just moved a 150gal myself... about 6 hours...

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by fihsboy

The easiest way for me....was to have new water at the site ready to go. I used well cleaned garbage cans with RO/DI water in them. If you want to move the water with the tank......Get a truck and a Mag 12 or a mag 18 and a garden hose. Splice the hose to rid the brass/copper fittings and use hose barbs so you dont ruin your live rock. Then just pump the water into the garbage cans that are already in the truck. :) Then when its time to refill your tank.......same exact thing. Pump it from your garbage cans to your tank.....its certainly a two person job. Your fish will be fine in buckets....But if you were to move that tank with would need 25-30 buckets.......and your never going to use those again....thats why I say large trash cans. You can buy two really big ones and use them to do your water changes from now on........Thats what I did..I have one for saltwater......and one for freshwater(top offs) Then your moving easily....AND you are making your own water at home easily. :)

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by newbie916

You'll need at least 4 people to move the tank, stand, LR, LS, etc. I moved my 95 gallon and 24 gallon back in September. I put all of the LR in large buckets and rubbermaid containers. The fish went in a seperate bucket, so that they didn't get smashed. The corals went into a different bucket and were placed away from eachother, so there was no warfare going on. All in all it took me about 14 hours between takedown to setup and the drive was 30 minutes. We used 1 pickup and 2 SUV's to move everything. You'll also have to move probably at least 60-80 gallons of your tank water. Drain the tank water into 5 gallon buckets with the cleanest water being used. Don't dump the water first and get the water from the bottom. After moving all of the rocks there's a lot of detritus and crap in the water. Make sure you have a powerhead for when you reach your destination to place in with your fish. It'll probably take a little while for your tank to be set back up and water placed back in. Plus, during the winter time you'll probably have to drop heaters in the tank and fish bucket to keep them warm. Good luck with the move

how do i move a 125 gallon saltwater tank to a new house?

4 posts

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