What a mistake

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What a mistake

by kraigt

I have just lost my most favourite and adorable bamboo shrimp, I'm away from home for a few days with work, so asked my mother to keep an eye on my fish and feed them for me, unfortunately, my shrimp decided this would be an idea time to molt

so my mother seeing the shrimp on it's side, grab him out the tank and flushed him - I'm in serious shock, I know I can't blame her for not knowing, but he was definately my most favourite part of the tank as he was the most active and crazy

gonna be missed

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by mro2you2

:( sorry. send your mum back to school and see if she learns that inverbrates molt!!!

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by yasherkoach

yes, this happens often with shrimp...shrimp will molt and appearing "dead" will get flushed down the toilet.

Sorry to about this especially it's your favorite one. Course there are plenty shrimp left in the sea, so to speak, but I understand favorite ones can never be replaced.

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by Tmercier834747

Yeah that is a bummer.

I can't tell you how many times to this day my girlfriend has walked past one of my tanks and said, ''A DEAD ONE!'' Referring to one of many amano shrimp's shed skin of course - It lost its humor ages ago. Though she'd never actually take the initiative to remove any (in her eyes) dead shrimp.

Sorry man.

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by Peterkarig3210

That does suck. Now she knows I'd guess.

What a mistake

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