HELP for goldfish afflicted by white spot disease......

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HELP for goldfish afflicted by white spot disease......

by falconite

I had purchased some baby goldfish a couple of weeks white spots have appeared over their bodies(seems to be white spot disease)...3 of these babies have alredy died.....the bigger fish havnt yet been affected....what do i do now???
Are the other fish in the aquarium safe???How do i treat the water???Moreover can i treat the water with all the fishes present????

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by joyce123

its ick. they sell treatment at the stores. and remember when you do the treatment you remove the carbon filters. ohh and it is ok to trewat with the fish in the tank.

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by Peterkarig3210

Yep. Get the ICK med at any aquarium store or store that has fish products and treat the whole tank.

ICK is the #1 fresh water fish disease and it's easy to treat if you do it right.

The med actually doesn't kill the parisite when it's on the fish, but only when in it's free swimming phase of it's life, so continue treating for a few days after the spots are gone to be sure you've killed all of them.

You also should save any dead fish and demand a refund as this is the store's fault.

Many stores sell fish covered with ICK spots, and the onis (is that a word?) is on you to inspect all the fish in the tank at the store so you can be more confident your new fish are not contaminated.

I am allways seeing fish infested with ICK in stores and these tanks are rarely quarenteened.

HELP for goldfish afflicted by white spot disease......

3 posts

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