driftwood curing

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driftwood curing

by fishkeeper90

ok I have some driftwood I brought home from Gulf shores, AL and its awesome. What do I need to do to it b4 I can stick it in my tank.

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by vwfan79

it needs to be soaked in fresh water for about two weeks and the water in which it is soaking needs to be changed out about twice a day. this will pull any salt and bleeding color out of the wood other wise the salt will change your chemical balance and there is a chance of it changing the color of your water.

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by yasherkoach

I have natural rocks and drift/bogwood...the best way to handle any type of rock and wood is to boil it for hours. Soaking is all fine and good, but to boil it, you get a quicker response plus you get all possible germs out of the substance.

wood is good for ph levels, so it good you have natural wood

driftwood curing

3 posts

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