fluval g3

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fluval g3

by breaknrun911

i came across this filter @ my lfs over the wknd and its pretty badass. it tells you wen maint. is due. if the input and output hoses are getting clogged it will warn you. and it also reads the temp. they come in sizes for 80gal and 160gal. run from $380-$500 smackers. does anyone own or come across one to see if its really work the greenbacks? i use a fluval myself so i would assume that its worth it but damn!!!! thats alot of $$$. in addition the replacement parts for one filter piece is $40. here is a link. let me know wut u all think:

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by Snowboss4492

good looking filter - - im still skeptical of canisters but they seem to have done just a little homework on that bad boy - - - lol


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by blueshoes2208

i believe i have one of the best canister filters on the market, a microchip inside and runs about 940 gph ( the 299.99 retail FX5) canister must i say and it is a PAIN to clean and it builds up nitrates

fluval g3

3 posts

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