which would be better?

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which would be better?

by breaknrun911

rite now i have a 50/50 pc and a actinic pc. i was wanting to change the 50/50 to another actinic? would it be just as beneficial, the same, or worse as the 50/50? i do have some coral in the tank, mushrooms, zoos, xenia, star polyp, and another unidentifiable coral

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by Barnsey9276

I cant say it would be beneficial,however your mushrooms wont mind that lighting,however i i find Zoos and Xenia look better under more light.
I wouldnt think it would be massively detrimental either however it will limit your choice of other corals you want to add.

There is a liverock tank at my loacal LFS that has 3 actinic t5 tubes and has xenia and mushrooms growing in it just fine,its just a little too blue for my taste though.

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by puffedupseagull

metal halides brother go the halides

which would be better?

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