Glow Rocks in Freshwater Tank

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Glow Rocks in Freshwater Tank

by NaavyDocJ5912

So I went to the Grotto in West Bend, Iowa and saw these rocks that are called Glow Rocks. Ultimately, they are naturally forming rocks that glow when a black light or ultraviolet light is shone on them but are minerals such as calcite, fluorite, wilomite, etc.

I am starting up a new 55 gallon aquarium and want to put iridescent danios in with black lights and was wondering if anyone had ever used these rocks in their tank before. Are they safe for the fish or do the minerals change the composition of the aquarium water? Any thoughts?

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by JB20High9473

Drip some vinegar onto a sample of the rock. Bubbles = Bad. Beyond that I couldn't say.


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by peterkarig

Maybe you could put the rocks in some water and see if the pH shifts. Even a bit of coral, which will make the water more alkaline, isn't a big deal in small amounts, esp for fish like cichlids which like harder alkaline water.

You could coat the rocks with epoxy?

Read up on the rocks as much as possible I'd say.

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by shesaiddown

ask a crystal dealer, calcite will dissolve i think

Glow Rocks in Freshwater Tank

4 posts

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