Anybody ever have a crayfish?

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Anybody ever have a crayfish?

by zambize

I just got a snow white crayfish and I'm wondering if anyone has had, or has, one. I've read all about them, but I'm interested in any personal experiences with them. So far she's a blast, tons of fun!


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by thomgough

I have 2 in my 500 gallon tank. They are lots of fun so far they mostly eat cichlid pellets and whatever the larger fish have left over. They seem to be fairly smart also. My larger one likes to stand at the top of the largest item in my tank around feeding time. I swear he knows the schedule. Good luck & have fun!

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by Peterkarig3210

I used to catch them from the creek in upstate NY where I grew up. These were stream crayfish which like to burrow under flat rocks. The ones I've seen in stores don't seem to do this unfortunately as this was a trait that was fun to watch. I'd place a flat rock in the front corner of the tank and eventually the crayfish would be able to be seen through "windows" as it hung out in it's den. I would have them now, even though I can't get stream crayfish where I live, except for the fact that they'll eat all my plants.

Hi Z!

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by Tmercier834747

I'd like one but I have a feeling I'd be short some tetras depending on the exact species of crayfish. I watched an electric blue terrorize the crap out of a juvenile convict at the LFS. He didn't really hurt it but I believe he intended to..and the convict was a bit faster.

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by peterkarig

I had a big one once that crawled out via air tubing and I found it on the other side of the house covered with lint and surounded by 3 cats. They can live quite a while out of the water. If one escapes don't stop looking for it as it may take a day maybe before it dies.

The baby ones, about an inch long or less, were fun to have as I could add a few to the tank. They all had dens and would guard their own territory. I'd place the flat rocks on top of smaller rocks in a way that made it impossible for bigger ones to get to the smaller ones in their burrows.
Anyway, I lived by a stream and would put them back when I went away on summer vacation.

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by Zambize4899

Hi Peter,

My crayfish is doing great. I gave her a flat cave and she loves it. Not as much as she loves being perched on her piece of driftwood, or eating cherries, or climbing the filter intake though! She's great fun!


Anybody ever have a crayfish?

6 posts

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