New to the forum. Saying hi!

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New to the forum. Saying hi!

by mattfields

Hi everybody. I am new to the forum and just started my reef tank about two and a half months ago. I look forward to learning a lot from the forum as I have already from the search feature and just browsing around. Thanks!

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by blueshoes2208

well.... ill just be the first to tell you that this forum has slowed down ALOT in the passed year or so. Lots of people are dropping out of the hobby so the ones left on here are the ones that enjoy it alot. Passionate about conservation and always willing to teach guys like you a few new tricks. Suprisingly i have only been on this forum for a little over a year. I run a 70 gallon reef and jus within the past 3 months have i started to try sps and lps corals. I do so without a refugium or calcium reactor or anyhting expensive. My entire tank was set up on a budget despite the filter in which i still bought on ebay and saved 100$. My name is Michael but everyone on here calls me Blue. If you are looking for a forum that updates constantly id join reef central, if youre looking for a few good guys, and occasionally girls to get to know and find out a little with what we know, than is is the spot. Welcome to RMFT.

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by fihsboy

Reef Central is okay....I have an account there here and also screen name is the same on all three. go figure. The reef tank has someone on there literally 24/7. I enjoy it because its a flame free environment unlike reef central. BUT reef central has a little more hardcore hobbiest, which is why they can flame, because they think they know everything. This place has a lot of info in the archives.....but like blue said has slowed WAY down. We are all more than happy to help though with any questions you have. Welcome!

P.S. Anyone that is has a reviewers can see how people liked products they bought and such. And if you review products.....they pick one a month as reviewer of the month....that reviewer gets a prize. This month its an RO/DI unit. :) Kinda hoping I will win it.

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by Snowboss4492

welcome matt,

i guess according to these younguns i would be an elder in this know they said it's slowed down but dont let that discourage you from commin in here, questions always get answered

its the middle of summer in a recesion and everyone is looking for a vacation or a job depending on which end of the stick your on as the weather cools down, school starts back up and things get into a fall/winter groove a lot of us will post more often - -it happens every year

i would venture to say that the big sites are slow as well, only difference is they have 500+ members to take up the slack where as we have about 15-20 solid guys and gals in here ---so when a few of us get busy the site slows down

tell us about your reef, fish, corals etc pics would be great to

again welcome from the old crochety side of the fourum...hahahaha

the Snowboss

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by gldntrmite

Welcome, fairly new myself and still learning about the hobby.

New to the forum. Saying hi!

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