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more questions!!

by codyren9730

since i am getting the 125 gal reef tank i have been told by several people that i should also get a quaratine tank to prevent different bacterias and sicknesses? before you put anything in the main tank do you quarantine it and for how long? both fish and corals? or is it just when they are looking sick? i heard you just add water from the main tank and than just run a lil filter system in it? what does everyone think is the best skimmer for a 125 gal tank? im planning on running a 40 gal sump with a refugium in it. does that sound like a smart move? orshould i do a sump and a seperate refugium tank? im still confused on how the sock filters work and all, do i use those also if i have a sump? what does everyone recommend for keeping my flow good in my tank wavemaker? koralia? ect? what do you think i should use for my bed? sand, crushed coral, or substrate or both and why? i just want to know as much as humanly possible before i attempt to set all of this up, and im sure i sound like an idiot amateur but i really appreciate any and all answers, hopefully at one pt way down the road i can hace tanks like everyone on here!

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by Snowboss4492

absolutley do not use crushed coral - very pourus, you'll never keep it clean, bad bacteria grows really well in it and boom, tank melt down

sump/refugium combo is just fine, obviously if you have room for a seperate fuge and the money then do so, more water equals easier maint and less stress on stock

i would set your tank up like mine is, two returns on one monster pump with adjustable nozzles {2 of them} on each return - you could even add flow accelerators to them [see link] and at the bottom of the link are squids [switch current valves] ... atid=19714

skimmer? go big man - -look at octopus, asm, euroreef to start with


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by fishchum

Hi you have much reading to do. Everybody says that to me, I thought I would say it too, lol..
A refugium can be made as a second chamber in your sump. This is good info on sumps - . There are lots of things you can use on the bottom but stay away from crushed coral. Vertex skimmers are a good value. Your skimmer should be rated for twice the gallons as your tank. Sock filters go over the end of you overflow where it empties into the sump. They are used to filter stuff out but must be changed or cleaned every 3-4 days. Algae scrubbers are new but they work vary well and are cheep and easy to make. Look into adding one to your sump too.

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by newbie916

My main filtration system in my 95 gallon wave tank is the 150lbs of live rock and the 150lbs of live sand. It goes from my main tank into my refugium, which is 35 gallon acrylic with three chambers. It drains into the left side through a 200 micron filter sock. The left chamber also has my protein skimmer, which pulls out all of the organic material that the sock misses. It then overflows into the Center, which house 4" of livesand and a bunch of different Macro Algae. The Center has two lights consisting of about 3 watts per gallon. The lights in the fuge are on alternate timers to my main tank. It helps prevent fluctuations in PH. The right side has my return pump, which has several pounds of liverock to help filtration.

I don't have a quarantine tank up and running. When I buy fish and corals, they usually have been at the LFS for several weeks. I never buy "Out of the bag" or just delivered corals or fish. Disease is usually caused by stress and once they acclimate at the store. That's when I pick them up.

The maintenance on my tanks consists of bi monthly water changes of 20%. I clean my protein skimmer and filter sock once every three days. I also use a powerhead to blow all of the poo and junk off my rocks and very litely blow the top of the sound to get any remaining poo an hour before my water change.

more questions!!

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