going crazy!!

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going crazy!!

by codyren9730

im biting at the bit to get my new fishtank!!!! the LFS hasnt called me yet, but he said it should be like a week, and that was only 2 days ago!! I have decided that I am going to grab one of my carpenter/contractor buddies to help me just build a stand and canopy...any special things i need to know? he is good at what he does so he will help me make this thing look really nice! its a 125 gal i believe the dimensions are 72x18x22. I got this thing for a steal, $250!!!! Before I put the money down I am going down to inspect it, to make sure its worth it. Ill post some pics of it when I go down to look at it.

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by Snowboss4492

if he's a contracter that frames, tell him to build it like a picture window rough in - -double up the headers all the way around, the tank is designed to sit on the edges......make sure its touching all the way around plumb, smooth and above all level. I used 2x6's on 10" centers on my stand but i overbuild everything, id rather spend a little extra in wood now then pick up 120 gallons of smashed fish tank later............

also keep in mind of what's under the tank...................which way are the floor joists going?, do you need to add support to the floor to hold the tank?.....{i have 4 6x6 posts going down from sistered 2x10 joists and bolted via flange to the concrete basment floor}.................your looking at 875 lbs of water just in the tank, add 200lbs of rock, 100lbs sand, tank itself 150lbs, equipment 50lbs, sump water 100-200lbs and one fish 4onces...hehehehe..................you get my point 125 gallon tank can push 2000lbs very quickly...............subflooring aint gonna hold it for long


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by jweb

Make sure the tank is either pre-drilled w/ overflow or the back is untempered glass so you can drill it. Preferably the first, it will save you time and money. Like boss said, make sure you have a good deal of room underneath the tank for your sump and your skimmer that will sit higher than the sump. I would say make the tank about eye level. Though you'll need a step ladder to work inside of it. The stand should probably be around 4 ft high, maybe a bit less.

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by lionlord3502

remember that the tank damentions will vary my 220gallen is saposed to be 72 by 24 but thay are 24 1/2 by 72 1/2. be carefull when makeing the canipy. the rim dementions will vary. and that go's for the stand as well better to have an inch over lap then a stand and a tank that is ether to big or to small.

going crazy!!

4 posts

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