Dream reef

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Dream reef

by fihsboy

If you had unlimited cash supply, what would you build and how?

Personally........I would build a room that had glass walls on three sides, maybe in a basement. And have a room on the third wall that would filter all the water. All the tanks would be connected so the fish could swim back and forth. On the wall without tanks, I would have a home theater, so if you got bored with the fish tank.(YEAH RIGHT) you could watch TV. I would have 15 1000watt halides so my corals would have PLENTY of light. And I would crow crazy size corals. Probably would use at least two pool pumps for wavemakers and attach them to SCWD's. Then I would buy 9-10 thousand lbs of live rock......plop in some damsels and start my cycle. :) haha. just kidding about the damsels....probably plop in about 10-15 yellow tangs to start my cycle. maybe cap the tank size at 4-5 thousand gallons. :)

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by fihsboy

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by blueshoes2208

^ too many fish IMO, im not really sure what i would do with unlimited assets though

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by jweb

I would get exclusive large fish like a jew fish, or a whale shark. 4-5,000 gallons isn't that big. My grandparents above ground pool has 4,000 gallons. I mean it's big, but not HUGE.

I would have this!
http://web-japan.org/nipponia/nipponia4 ... /06_01.jpg

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by fihsboy

Well hell........4000 gallons is nothing. I agree. If your going to go big.......go at least 10000+ Thats a monster tank. That would make our 210 reefs look like nanos. :)

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by newbie916

If I had unlimited resources, I would just buy homes on the beach of all of the nicest reefs in the world... No more water changes or water quality swings. Just build an underwater viewing room through the basement.haha

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by Snowboss4492

i guess im not as large thinking ..................i kinda am building my dream set up. first i had to buy some land - check, then i had to plan a house with a tank divider in it - check, then i had to build said house - check, then i had to design a sump/ tank room in the basement - check, then i have to build the system in - not checked yet, but workin on it, lol

Pimp and i have been kicking an idea around for a couple yrs now, i may be building a "fish barn" out behind the house and just breeding and fragging in it to sell to local shops and maybe an online store someday.................but thats a few seasons away yet


ps - - newbie has the right idea..........lol .............my wife would LOVE it

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by gldntrmite

If money is no object, I'd buy up Newbies beach houses and have a monster tank at each!! LOL Ok, so maybe that would be a bit much, suppose i could have one beach house without a tank!!!

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by jnelson1983

I'd dig up the back yard, and install a greenhouse above it.
Walkway around the top and across from either way (only one path through middle each way).
Viewing room around the tank below ground.


And in the basement, there'd be a room built for the filter system.

Imagine the possibilities

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by kelbri

In grade 6, I designed my dream home (I wanted to be a marine biologist at the time). The basement was TOTALY tank. It would be a normal depth basement, but in the floor would be cast 12 foot deep pits, cast in concrete and sealed, that would house everything. There would be 4 main pits, triangular in shape, with an 'X' separating them that you could walk on. Of course, it would be a large house upstairs, so the footprint of each pit would be quite large, something in the 30 foot range at it's longest dimension. Each tank would be large enough to do minimal amounts of snorkling/scuba in. They would be linked together by a series of underwater tunnels going under the walking paths... Of course, upstairs there would be a wall divider tank between the living room and dining room, and other tanks scattered about.

All from the mind of an 11 year old. Now I just need my unlimited funds...

Dream reef

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