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Perfect Ecosystem

by yasherkoach

1. Natural sunlight regulated by venetian blinds
2. Fish poop fertilize the live plants
3. Trumpet snails continuously tunnel thru gravel - no need for vacuuming
4. Snails & Catfish continuously clean tank of debris & algae
5. Completely open top provides for more oxygen
6. Constant temperature of 76-78 provides for more oxygen in water column
7. Bio-Wheels provide enough surface agitation for plentiful oxygen
8. Water tests performed every Sunday (PH, Hardness, Aklaline, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia,
Oxygen, Phosphate, Iron) in order to prevent any problems
9. African Dwarf Frogs keep platy fry population down to zero
10. African Dwarf Frogs feed off any dead fish, in order to prevent unseen disease
11. Live Plants (anubis only) provide oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide from water column
12. Anubis Live Plants slow growers which need low light, can tolerate most water conditions
13. All natural wood, the live plants grow on plus keeps PH in check
14. A log book shows every day activities for past year (began hobby on May 8, 2008)
15. Plenty open space for zebra danios to amuse themselves
16. Plenty natural rock caves for Dwarf Loaches and African Dwarf Frogs
17. Every Sunday, the tank is put on fast to clean out digestive systems
18. Live & frozen foods given to all species providing nutrition and vibrant colors
19. 2 Tablespoons of aquarium salt added every Sunday

Latest Water Tests:

Temperature: 78
PH: 7.2
Alkalinity: 2.0
Hardness: 4
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 25
Ammonia: 0
Oxygen: 8.0
Iron: 0
Phosphate: 1.0

I have found over the last year, the less the better. To mimick the water world as close as possible is the way to go. Natural rock, pebbles, wood, live plants and sunlight with an open surface completely provides the living species a natural (home) environment.

It can be done, I have done it. It does work. Of course, it must be monitored every week. But the point is, it will work.

Happy fishing!!!

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by dizzcat

"5. Completely open top provides for more oxygen"

One question, how do you keep fish and frogs from jumping out? I have read that taking the top off and running a fan over the surface will help keep the temp down in the summer, but my fish jump. My frogs go up for air, as do my Cory's. When one of my Mbuna are being chased I will hear a thump-splash as one hit the tank top! I like the idea of the fan, but worry about dried up fish :-(

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by JB20High9473

That is absolutely amazing. My next tank may not be quite so polished but I hope for something as natural as possible. grats to you :).


Yeah dried up fish would be a bumer...

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by yasherkoach

dizzcat: I have African Dwarf Frogs and they never attempted to jump out. I guess they are fine or feel at home. I have red platies that may splash their tails a little, bt never jump out.

I have plants that reach the rim of the tank yet no frog attempted to climb out. Even the snails never attempt to leave the tank; and when I had ghost shrimp, the shrimp never attempted to leave the tank.

As for cooling of the tank, I leave the heater around 75, and with the blinds, I regulate how much sunlight I want in the tank. The sunlight helps create some algae for the catfish to feed off of.

But there is a key to this idea that I must let you in on, the window must be situated either on a north or south side of the house/building. My windows are on the south side, that way, I never get direct sunlight into the tank, for even with blinds, I could almost boil the water. So if the tank is situated on a north or south window(s), you still get plenty sunshine, but not direct bearing down sunlight. And always, ALWAYS use venetian blinds as opposed to drapes or pull down shades. For with venetian blinds, the sun rays can be splintered minutely or opened fully for the live plants for about 8 hours a day.

JB20High: if you go to my profile, I have gone through 3 other aquascapes, and each time I developed a new one, I went closer and closer to an all natural aquascape.

If I could eliminate the heater and bio-wheel filters I would, but sad but true, there is no way around these two components. But outside of these two "unnatural" components, the tank is all natural.

Thanks for your compliment

Perfect Ecosystem

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