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by Tien6079

I have been rinsing most of my filter media and equipment with water. I have not yet used bleach. What advantages does bleach have and can it harm the fish or rot the plastic? I have thought about using it in my filter tubes as well, but am afraid it will cause the tubing to dry out and crack over time. Will using bleach on the filter pads remove buildup and reduce nitrates better than water?

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by blueshoes2208

true this, good post Tien..... id like to know as well

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by fihsboy

I think it depends on the filter media type....When I wash my filter socks I always use bleach or else they dont clean up.....most sponges and filter media arent made for use over and over again.......the company makes more money that I dont think I would try would probably eat it away.

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by barnsey

If you want to reduce the nitrate colonies in your sponges washing them in tap water will work well,boil them if you must but to be honest although i dont use any sponges of any sort if i did bleach would go nowhere near anything that was going in my tank or sump.

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by saltwaterpimp

Yes use Bleach on all filter socks and foam pads/ sponges ect, wash good and let dry..Simply rinsing will not remove all the detritus..for your equipment i assume you mean pumps ect, use viniger it will remove calcium deposites from impellers,and coraline from any surface, do this every other month if you will save your pumps in the longrun and help them run smoother.


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