Stray voltage

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Stray voltage

by Deltasigpony3648

So I checked my tank for stray voltage after I got nice little zap last night and I four that I had 38.4v going through my tank when I grounded it. I unpluged things one by one looking for the culpret and came to my heaters, I have 3 marineland stealth fully sermasable heaters in my sump unpluged all 3 and it went down to 5.4v pluged one back in went to 11.2v pluged another one in and bam straight to 40v so I checked the other and the third one touched the faulty one and bam my hand was shot out of the water 90v on the meter.

so inconclusion marienland stealth heaters are crappy I have gone through 4 of them in the past 2 years.

My question is how bad was that experiment for my tank I don't thing any of the voltage stated in my tank because it was grounded in the sump and not the main tank so I don't think it shocked the dt. And how bad is stray voltage for my reef.

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by saltwaterpimp

Good question ,I dont think it would be good for yourself + livestock...Get a new heater..also i would write the company see if they can do something for you

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by puffedupseagull

i would say the tank crittrers would be ok. as long as when ur grounding the voltage, you dont touch them. you obviously relize you were the grounding path for the stray voltage to earth and they r above ground, they need to be in that circuit. hold hands with them and there gone. obviously a short in ur heater, and would suggest you bitch and moan to the supplier, saying ur going to sue there ass if they dont help u out.

Stray voltage

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