When is the time right??

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When is the time right??

by breaknrun911

When do you know when the time is right to frag your zoas? I have one frag that is maybe half the size of a baseball and ther is maybe 100+ heads on it. Then I have another which is a little smaller than a golf ball that has about 30 heads on it (that one def isnt ready) when should I do it? Or would it be best to take that frag and set it next to another rock and let them spread to it? Do they prefer cured or uncured rock?

Please answer all questions....Thanks

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by fihsboy

I would use cured rock. And I would honestly just get a knife and cut a polyp off at the base very gently. get some string of fishing line and tie it onto a new rock. Give it a week two at the most and pull off the string. And it should be fused to your new rock. it will grow fairly quick given good conditions. I was fragging for a while, but now the tank does it itself. I have polpys floating around the tank randomly. So i snatch them attatch them and sell them. :)

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by newbie916

I've been moving my colonies around. I noticed that if I just let the main colony hang a littlebit off the rock it spread too it detaches and frags itself. I have one colony that I bought 6 weeks ago that's already populated two other rocks and is working on a third. Each rock has at least 20 polyps and the main colony is about 60. I only started out with a colony of 40. Since I started adding Coralvite and changed to MH's, I've noticed a huge difference in growth and propagation of my corals. The colors are also much brighter.

When is the time right??

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